Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Shame on Us

Greetings to the U.S.A.,

Well my dear countrymen, we have now entered a time and era that is unprecedented in our lifetime. The country that I live in has gone the way of Sodom--it is seeking out Gomorrah. Let me be clear, our beloved country has been going in this depraved direction for a long time but yesterday the United States took a definitive step to affirm immoral practices in public policy that will greatly change the nature of our country. This is simply a matter of moving down the list of Romans 1 and the progressive march from idol worship and the worship of the creation to affirming a public policy of homosexuality. My fellow citizens, the Bible describes this as the last stage in God giving people over to the consequences of their sin. This did not result in blessing for Israel nor for other kingdoms throughout history and the consequence will not benefit the United States of America. How can we escape the judgment coming upon the nation? Return to the Lord! He is the Judge of all the earth. This God loves us and sent His Son Jesus Christ to save us from our sins and bring us eternal life. Our corruption as a nation has reached a boiling point and will consume us from the inside out if we do not turn to the Lord by placing our faith in Jesus Christ. He is the only One who can shelter us from the coming wrath.

Dear fellow citizens, every nation and kingdom has fallen and within the account of the collapse is a corruption of values and character. This is upon us now as our country has willingly taken some deadly steps toward same sex marriage, legal use of marijuana, and abortion on demand. Today is day 1...and it will not end well for the good ol' US of A unless we return to the Lord.

Shame on Us....Shame on Us

Walking in grace, Pastor George

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