Saturday, March 10, 2012

Getting Over Your Ex & Heartbreak

Hey girls, it's Malene here :D 
Malene- Public Relations Officer

This is just a post based on our last video called " getting over your ex and heart break"
and without further ado I’m going straight to the point( sounded like a teacher, lol)

Firstly, I want to tell you ladies that you were created by God and for God and only Him can fill any need in you. 
you were created for a purpose that is to  'Love the Lord your God with all your passion and prayer and intelligence'(mat 22:37-40 msg bible)

Sometimes as humans we get into some situations and things don’t  always go our way so we try to get out of them. We fight with our own strength and find it difficult to come out.
So I’m going to go through two main reasons why we girls sometimes find it really hard to get over our ex and heart break even when we know for sure that the other sex has wronged us; yet we still find ourselves going back to the same place.

1. Unforgiveness : this a very dangerous thing that can hold us captive and slowly kills us if we do not deal with it. Our sister Nickella used a god example to portrait unforgiveness she said it is like drinking poison and expecting the other person to die instead.  It is a spiritual poison that enemy often uses to softly kill us and without even us knowing it!!

Whatever grudge that you are holding on to,  please release it my friend and Forgive. I know it is not easy to.
 I'll give you another example the Bible tells that we should be like children in a way such as when you upset a kid they cry, weep, moan but they do not hold grudge against the person who offended them. The next minute they come running back to them even after all the crying and drama they did. This how we should also be, like a child; try to forgive and to love our neighbours even our enemies. 
Be careful not to try to do this on your own, as good as our intentions are , our human nature will always fail us for it can not forgive. We need to ask God to help us forgive and break any stronghold that we may have. that's why it is good sister to have a relationship with the Lord; for you see when you are in Christ you become a new person and you bare the fruits of the Spirit which are love, joy, peace, kindness, gentleness, self-control... forgiveness opens doors for you to get closer to the father. 

2. Breaking attachments: how many of you know how painful it is to break up with someone? I mean you literally cry your heart out. Can someone please testify with me here lol
We might be willing to move on, what if we have forgiven the person but we find ourselves attached to them and can not let go of them because we are scared, thinking we have so much to lose?
Let me tell you something; everything happens for a reason, if God takes a person away from you it is because it has a better one in store for you.
Our sister Benedicte said something that really spoke to my heart and which I never thought of whilst being a Christian and that is : to plead the blood of Jesus Christ and break the attachment. 
I can not emphasise enough on how important it is for you to have a relationship with the Lord which is far more worth than having every man bowing at your feet.( literally)

After you have broken the attachment, the string that was holding you back on your journey is broken. Now my friend you can carry on, in your walk. another step closer to the Lord, He is waiting for you start moving forward before it reveals his grace, love, glory, and power in and through you.

Now, I'm going to give you some practical tips to help during this season of your life.
The first thing is if you find yourself attached to the person maybe you should consider to stop being  on the phone with him till like 4am in the morning. Sounds silly, but it’s a trap many of us fall into.
Things like Facebook stalking will not help you to get over him, it will just push you to do the opposite.
Texting him things like “I still miss you" when what you really want is a way to not feel the same toward the person. All these things are things that we overlook, but in fact it’s the small steps you take that bring you that step closer to totally getting over him!

One thing I wanted to remind us of is to use wisdom,  to ask the Lord to help in our decision
again the Bible says lean not on your own understanding, but trust the Lord .
He created you so He knows what is best for you, I believe the Lord has so much in store for us ladies. We are the apple of His eyes, and He desires to protect us.
He wants our attention turn towards Him and Him alone.
So if you feel like the Lord is taking people away from you or like no one understands you it is because He desires to be your everything.
We serve a God who will only work through once you surrender and give everything unto Him. He has plans to prosper us and trust your Daddy in heaven to bring to you the present and that is a man worthy enough to deserve the princess you are.

As I am bringing this to an end, I would like to use this opportunity to tell you sister that if you haven't already made the Lord Jesus Christ you everything then what are you waiting for? I know one thing that He is sitting at the edge of His seat waiting for you to invite Him, to spend life with and for you to know Him personally. And that is sister the best decision you can ever make in your entire life!!

God bless you. If you ever need to talk or some advice: email us at or call our advice line: 07949988078