Thursday, October 18, 2012

On Election Day

With election day coming close I wanted to bring a little biblical advice before you step behind the curtain—vote based on character notcharisma.  One account from 1 Samuel 10 sticks out to me: Saul was head and shoulders above the people with a handsome countenance and no one was like him in all Israel (v.23-24).  However, with all of the affirmation of the outward appearance, there was not a corresponding inward desire to obey the Lord.  In others words, Saul looked the part but history would prove that he was far from the ideal leader.  Time and time again Saul was presented with the opportunity to do the will of the Lord and, time and time again, he did the wrong thing.  You see, dear friends, real leadership is built upon character not charisma.  Leadership is leading people to do what is right time after time.  In selecting any leader it is important to look beyond the charisma that a leader brings.  Don’t get me wrong—charisma is a good thing.  But effective leadership is not simply about charisma but it is built upon the character of the leader and you know character through experience.  Helpful questions in discerning character are, “Has this person proven that he is a capable leader over a long period of time?”, “Has he met with adversity and overcome it?”, “Can I trust this person based upon his past leadership experiences to lead the country in the right way?”  and most importantly, “Would the Lord be honored with the policies and values that this person holds?”  I would ask you, dear Christian, look beyond charisma and vote character on election day. 

In Christ,  Pastor George               

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