Monday, October 10, 2011

Dad and The Silver and Black

I know it's hard to believe but I'm an Oakland Raider fan. Believe me, I've taken lots of ribbing over the years from the image of team to the losing ways on the field. However, it was the passing of Al Davis this weekend that made me look back over all those years--especially how it all started. You see, I cheer for the Silver and Black because my Dad and I would read through the paper every Saturday as we were working at the gas station and talk about how the "Snake" (Ken Stabler) would beat the Broncos or Chargers on Sunday. As I look back over those times, it's not so much the Raiders I remember (although I think I remember the '76 roster by memory) but the time we spent together talking and working side by side. My Dad showed me how to fill up the gas tank, check the oil and wash the windshield--all in under a 3 minutes!

As a husband and a father I search for opportunities--excuses--like the Raiders, to get next to my kids just like my Dad did. He showed me so much about life and how to act like a man no matter what comes along. I KNOW what you see when you see the Raiders--a crazy owner, a bad football team, or fans that are just plain sick. But when I look at the Raiders I see the tool that my Dad used to get next to me and spend time with me to build me into the man that I am today.

Don't blame me because I'm an Oakland Raiders fan--it's my Dad's fault--and I'm so glad for it!

Walking in grace, George

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