Wednesday, August 31, 2011

The Big Fish

Had a whale of a time fishing with Mark Hawkins this past Saturday morning. I caught lots of fish from a tree fish (actually the branch) and weeds to this HUGE bass. This fish was my first catch of the day and it was hidden within a clump of weeds. As I reached down to clear the weeds off my line--behold, a fish!

During my time with Mark and Dean I got to see the vast treasure of lures that both of these guys had--one for every situation--even a few for a novice like me! I loved the names for the lures--I used "The Creature" and caught a few fish but the one I had the best time with was called "Fat Albert".

These guys helped me get so good at fishing that at the end of the day I was yanking them out of the water without even setting the hook--and one just gave up and jumped into the boat (no joke!). Well, that's enough for the fish tales. Enjoy the picture!

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