Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Proverbs 11:16 -A kindhearted woman gains respect

One day, I hope to be an example to girls and women. Not because of me or my achievements but because of the Christ that lives in me. I want to be an example because I want to prove that you do not have to be a popular, rich ‘it-girl’ to be respected. You can come from an ordinary working-class background like myself, with an ordinary upbringing and still know Christ in great ways.
I have an outreach aim; to help the broken hearted the disappointed, and the rejected.
After being saved two years ago, it is only of recent that I noticed how hard the struggle is. Walking with Christ is harder than being in the world! This is something that I think Christians tend to forget. The common idea that life is a fairytale when you become ‘born-again’ is wrong. As Christians we experience so many trials and tribulations that help us reach God in the purest way possible. But these trials and tribulations are only hurdles and obstacles towards a greater outcome. I thank God for the happy and sad times in my life, all the glory belongs to him.
As women in our society, being Christ-like is hard. With constant reminders in the media showing us that ‘beauty’ is defined by sex appeal or by how big and round your bum and breasts are, image has now consumed our thoughts and conscience. But I want to rebuke that spirit in us and fight against it for we battle not against flesh but against principalities in this world.
I want to let females know that beauty has nothing to do with your physical appearance. Your weave, makeup or swagger has no input in your self worth. However, being virtuous is further than skin deep. It is an attribute which is emotional and spiritual and can only be achieved by accepting Christ Jesus as your Lord and saviour.
So many times, as women we experience disappointment or heartache whether it be at the hands of men or by another other means and it can destroy us both physically and mentally. Some girls feel worthless, while others even set out to intentionally hurt others. The old saying of ‘time is the greatest healer’ doesn’t really have effect in such situations. I personally believe that Christ is the best healer. 2 Corinthians 5:17 says that being ‘saved’ means being born again. A new creation! Regardless of past situations and circumstances, all God wants is your heart.
“You won’t understand I’ve made some really bad mistakes” this is what some of you may be thinking or something that you may have thought of before. Rebuke it!! It is a lie from the devil who wants to see you fail.
The bible says Paul went about murdering Christians, yet he became one of the most anointed writers in the bible. No sin is too big for God no problem is too much for him.
“Okay so what do I do then?” Just give him your heart! That’s all. You don’t need to do a big sacrifice or give up your best pair of heels and wipe of all your makeup. Just your heart, that’s all God wants; the purest part of your body.

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